Skyrim on Switch is a Must Buy

Overall, despite being an entire console generation old, Skyrim on the Switch is still a near perfect game and a must buy

While the graphics look a bit dated when you first turn it on, Skyrim’s immersive world will make you quickly forget. I guarantee you will lose yourself for hours and hours exploring Skyrim’s expansive world; just a single cave dive can take nearly an hour.

Skyrim has never been especially strong in the control department, and the Switch controls only make this worse. The Joycons are very imprecise and if you are playing docked you will want to use either a Pro Controller or the cheaper $25 corded USB ones sold just about everywhere. However if you are playing handheld, the convenience of playing anywhere outweighs the crappy controls.


Playing Skyrim on the Switch was my second playthrough of the game. My previous time was back on the PS3 and in that game I chose to be a wizard, focusing almost exclusively on magic (which was very different than the heavy armored warrior I chose in Oblivion – the previous Elder Scrolls game).

In the PS3 game I became Archmage, and head of the Dark Brotherhood. I perfected my magic and could kill anything with a few blasts of fire or lightning.

Also, when the time came, instead of joining the Dark Brotherhood (a shadowy group of assassins) I chose to turn on them and slaughter them all…as a Werewolf.

Not many games can SAY that.

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