Gears 5: Quickstart Guide

Xbox gamers have been anxiously awaiting the newest installment of the Gears franchise, and finally the wait is over. Awesome right?


For some inexplicable reason, the creators of Gears of War 5 decided to create a forced fun tutorial at the beginning of the game, called Boot Camp.

When I booted up the game for the first time last night, I was greeted with this fun-suck of awfulness, and unfortunately I didn’t know that you could skip it (although I did push every button I could think of to do so).

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through it like I did (and for someone who has played every single major entry in the franchise, it certainly was suffering) .

To quit Boot Camp and play the game, all you have to do is pause the game to pull up the game menu, then return to the main menu. From there you can choose Campaign, Horde mode, or any other mode you desire.

You can even choose to go back into Boot Camp (but god knows why you would want to).

And there you have it. No need to suffer like I did.

Now get to killin’ some grubs.

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