Lovecraft: the greatest story never written

I ❤️ Minecraft.

Like 😍 for realz

I admit that I was smitten with the concept for Minecraft from the beginning. From it’s earliest days on PC I thought the idea for Minecraft was awesome: a kind of virtual Legos in large procedurally generated worlds with monsters that come out at night.

Night terrors 👻

While the thrills and chills have certainly grown over the years (Ender Dragon!?!) I just love how Zen playing Minecraft can be. Whether I’m building or exploring a world I’ve already started, or I start from scratch in a brand new world to explore, I never know what might pop up in the next playthrough.

Do you want to kill a snowman? ☃️

I’ve been playing Minecraft off and on for years now, and there are still a lot of things I’ve never seen. I’ve never seen strongholds; never seen many of the enemy types; and never seen the Ender Dragon without doing it in creative mode.

Ender ‘F*ckin’ Dragon! 🐉

That doesn’t even count all the cool new things in the aquatic update.

It’s sushi time! 🍣

I love I can play Minecraft on virtually any device known to man, and even the mobile version is a fully fleshed out experience, which many mobile games can’t say.

Minecraft mobile?!? Now I never have to stop!!! 😄

Minecraft is the perfect game to play with friends, with your kids, or by yourself.

There goes 🔥 the neighborhood

If you haven’t played Minecraft yet, what the hell’s wrong with you? 🤨 No seriously. Get on it.

Even Mario can’t get enough

For no other reason than to show off, here are some gratuitous shots of some of the amazing sh*t these batsh*t crazy Minecrafters have built:

Mind blown 🤯

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