Concertvania (Act 1)

The music in videogames can be an art unto itself.

Castlevania for NES

While some games seem to just “phone it in” when it comes to the music and sound fx, others seem intent on creating masterpieces that rival some of the greatest compositions of all time; if not in absolute terms of excellence, certainly in the influence they have on gamers and aspiring musicians.

The Castlevania series of games is a perfect example of the creators being intent on creating masterpieces, even back in the 8-bit days when graphics and sound resources were extremely limited, and creativity had to make up for those limitations.

The first Act of Concertvania focuses on the music from the NES Castlevania games. Click on the YouTube playlist below:

Concertvania – Act 1

Even though it may be the most limited medium, the music on the NES is something of a wonder, and when game creators manage to compose something good its certainly a wonder to behold.

While the SNES allowed game creators to create significantly better music, the creation of 16-bit game music is still more art than science, and moved game compositions from interesting to truly moving.

The second Act of Concertvania will focus on the music from the 16-bit era, starting with Super Castlevania IV on the Super Nintendo.

Keep watching for updates.

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