GamaChronicles: Castlevania (Day 3 of 7)

Today on GamaChronicles, we will be diving into the second game in the Castlevania series: Castlevania II – Simon’s Quest.

GamaChronicles are week-long features of a topic, game series, or cultural icon, with drip-content released on a daily basis. Check back every day for updates.

From Wikipedia:

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest was originally released for the Famicom Disk System in Japan in 1987 and for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in 1988. It was the second Castlevania title released for the NES, following the original Castlevania.

Title screen from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

Set sometime after the events of the first installment, the player once again assumes the role of vampire hunter Simon Belmont, who is on a journey to undo a curse placed on him by Dracula at the end of their previous encounter. With Dracula’s body split into five parts, Simon must find and bring them to the ruins of his castle and defeat him.

Box art for Castlevania II

Simon’s Quest was quite a drastic departure for the series. Once again directed by Hitoshi Akamatsu, the second game in the Castlevania series injected a bit of Metroid into the formula. Instead of a simple sidescrolling action game, Simon’s Quest gave the player the freedom to move back and forth between areas, similar to Nintendo’s Metroid, and included some RPG-like elements as well.

During the day time all is peaceful in a village and Simon can interact with the villagers
However, at night the villages are overrun with zombies and the villagers stay indoors
The areas surrounding villages are always teeming with nasty creatures, but the day time is much less dangerous than night time

Castlevania II received mixed reviews, but I always thought it was one of the best entries in the Castlevania series. As a kid I enjoyed it much more than the first one, and I really liked the RPG elements.

Full walkthrough below:


Despite having some similar attributes to Metroid, Akamatsu stated the open-world nature of the game was inspired by another Konami game, The Maze of Galious: Knightmare II, for the MSX.

Box art for The Maze of Galious: Knightmare II

Full walkthrough of The Maze of Galious on YouTube (fair warning: Castlevania was a HUGE improvement)

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