Call of Duty Mobile: The Review

Verdict 😎 GREAT: Very enjoyable. Great graphics, sound and gameplay. Definitely play it.

OS/Device reviewed: iOS 13.1.2 / iPhone 8 Plus

Three reasons to play:

  1. It’s the first proper COD game on mobile!
  2. It’s relative, but the graphics, sounds, level designs and gameplay are great for a mobile FPS.
  3. Has both multiplayer and battle royale modes, and they’re both really good.

One reason not to: Well… it’s still a mobile FPS, with all the loot boxes, micro transactions, and pop ups to buy their battle pass every time you boot up the game. If you are used to all that and don’t really mind it, this isn’t more annoying than usual.

Starring in the final killcam is always a good time

Concept: It’s Call of Duty…on your phone! 😱 Not genius work, but having a competent mobile COD is still quite an accomplishment.

Graphics: Not the greatest graphics ever, but certainly on point and can stand toe to toe with any other top quality mobile FPS.

Sound: Competent. Nothing noticably good or bad about it. Fits the action.

Playability: As of this review, the game seems to only support touch controls, which work just fine. If you’ve ever played a mobile FPS you’ll be right at home.

Entertainment: If you like COD or FPS games in general, and want to play them on the go, this game is for you. Both multiplayer and battle royale are lots of fun.

Replay: With several multiplayer modes and a battle royale mode, COD mobile will keep you entertained for hours on end. Let’s just hope there is a strong enough player base to keep it interesting.

Battle royale wit da squad
Oh damn. Did someone say winner?
Squad goals 😎🤙

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