#SpiritDay stand against bullying

We at Gamatroid are explicitly against bullying of any kind. Spirit Day is a means of speaking out against LGBTQ bullying and standing with LGBTQ youth, who disproportionately face bullying and harassment because of their identities.

Pledging to “go purple” on Spirit Day is a way for everyone to visibly show solidarity with LGBTQ youth and to take part in the largest, most visible anti-bullying campaign in the world.

Going purple for Spirit Day

As gamers, we can often be witnesses to, or victims of, online bullying and trolling. It’s important to remember to be kind to others at all times, and stand up for others if you see bullying happening.

The only way to get through this life is together. Be mindful today of your actions and words online and try to carry that mindfulness forward into every day.

Learn more at Glaad.org/SpiritDay

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