Command and Conquer Rivals: The Review

Verdict 😏 FUN-ISH: Not the best but still enjoyable. Worth playing at least once. Just avoid spending any real money unless you find you like it enough to keep playing beyond just a few days.

OS/Device reviewed: iOS 13.1.2 / iPhone 8 Plus

Price: Free

Three reasons to play:

  1. Good presentation with well designed graphics, animations and sound effects.
  2. Fun and frantic PVP gameplay keeps it challenging but playable (at least for the few hours I played it)
  3. Various character classes keep the strategic portions of the game interesting; taking the right character classes into battle can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

One reason not to: While I hate to sound like a broken record, like most free to play mobile games, the constant pressure to spend real life money puts enough pressure on the player to keep the game from being truly enjoyable long term. I imagine at some point the hurdle to upgrade characters will require real money, and that’s when I’ll stop playing.

Happiness is when you nuke the other team’s base

Bottom line: While it may not be the C&C you remember (or were hoping for), Rivals is a good looking, fun to play PVP game. The fact that it’s not simply another reskin of Clash of Clans is also refreshing. Like most free to play games though, the constant push to spend money gets annoying and feels like it will eventually result in a high enough upgrade hurdle that you’ll either have to pay up or stop playing. But the game is fun enough that most people should at least give it a try.

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