What the Golf?: The Review

Verdict 😈 EPIC: Awesome game. Instant classic. Play it NOW!

OS/Device reviewed: iOS 13.1.2 / iPhone 8 Plus

Price: part of Apple Arcade ($4.99/month)

I know, I know… it may be hard to believe.

It took me a few weeks to get around to playing What the Golf?, despite having downloaded it, and all the great reviews and praise I heard heaped on it, but if you haven’t played it on Apple Arcade you are truly missing out on one of the best games this year… period!

Three reasons to play:

  1. Fun, funky and super original. Not sure how someone came up with the concept for this game, but it’s great.
  2. Gameplay is responsive and well designed.
  3. Graphics and sound are well executed. Cartoony but fits the game very well.

One reason not to: It is only accessible as part of Apple Arcade, and not sure how long you can realistically play it for, so if you don’t want to sign up for that service then you’ll have to miss out.

Level map is interactive, fun, and just as much a part of the game as the levels themselves.​
Golf or bowling or… Who knows?!?
Ever played golf by launching a cow at explosive barrels?

Bottom line: This game is so goofy, so well executed, and so much damn fun that you’ll regret not playing it sooner. While it is only accessible as part of Apple Arcade, frankly it’s worth at least one month to try the service (only $4.99/month) and while this game is epic you could probably play it enough in a month to get your fill.

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