INMOST: The Review

Verdict 😈 EPIC: Awesome game. Instant classic. Get it NOW!

OS/Device reviewed: iOS 13.1.2 / iPhone 8 Plus

Price: part of Apple Arcade ($4.99/month)

Three reasons to play:

  1. Beautiful sprite-based graphics and immersive sound create a world that is awesome to explore, even when things in the world may be awful. Seriously the graphics and sounds are both excellent.
  2. Gameplay is creative and well designed. Each character controls differently and all are perfectly optimized for mobile.
  3. Story is mysterious and keeps you engaged. I haven’t even finished it yet, but the entire experience has kept me hooked. Not easy to do on mobile.

One reason not to: If you hate awesomeness or fun, then feel free to give this a pass. In all seriousness, there is a warning about upsetting themes, but I haven’t encountered anything particularly upsetting yet. Fair warning though.

Some scary-looking demon-thing coming for my ass

Bottom line: This game was a pleasant surprise. After playing several forgettable games on Apple Arcade, this is the first one that truly feels like a “real” game. The graphics and sounds are excellent. The controls are well designed and executed. The story is interesting and engaging. Pretty much firing on all cylinders. Play it now! Don’t wait.

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