PLAY: Castlevania MSX2 in your browser!

The other night I stumbled upon a very cool happening on the web. There is a site called that allows you to play a whole bunch of retro games for free through your browser.

Now of course it doesn’t come without challenges, and not all of the emulation is spot on, but if you were hoping to try a game that is really not available anymore to the general public, it is a great way to preserve the history of gaming.

That being said, I happened to find that you can play the original Castlevania game created for the MSX2 computer through this service. While the computer I was testing it on isn’t built for gaming, and it had a few audio quirks, it still works competantly. I was only able to try it using my keyboard, but it seems you can connect a controller, which would be the ideal way to play.

You can access the game by using the following link:

Let us know what you think of this service, and the game itself, in the comments!

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