Minecrafting Forever

To say Minecraft has replay value is a vast understatement. In addition to the hours upon hours of seemingly endless exploration and creation the core game provides, there is an entire community of game creators constantly providing new DLC experiences.

If you’ve only been playing the core game you’ve been missing out on some of the awesome adventures available. The Minecraft Marketplace has literally hundreds (if not thousands) of new skins, texture packs, worlds and even crafted stories for players to purchase and enjoy, with several available at no charge at all.

With all of the DLC available in the Marketplace it seems like you could literally play Minecraft forever. (No wonder Minecraft continues to be one of the top games despite not having a proper sequel since it’s official release in 2011.)

While not every experience is available across PC, console and mobile, there are many which allow cross platform play.

The following experiences are available in the iOS version’s marketplace, but are likely to also be available for PC and console as well.


In addition to the original content available in the Minecraft Marketplace, there are also many DLC worlds based on famous movie, tv and video games licenses, providing entire new worlds and stories to experience.

Here are some of our favorites:

Adventure Time



Mass Effect


Pirates of the Caribbean


Steven Universe

Toy Story


While the worlds based on famous brands and franchises are cool, where Minecraft really shines is in all of the DLC worlds based on originally created content.

Destructobots vs Dinosaurs

Legends of the Sea

Millionaire Mansions 2

Monsters of the Deep

Mutant Battle Arena

Nether Monster Hunter

The Traveling Trader

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