GamePass 2.0

Today Microsoft unveiled its next step in taking over the gaming world with GamePass 2.0 (our name not theirs). It’s being positioned as both a rebranding of Xbox GamePass (perhaps even a glimpse into rebranding Xbox itself) and the introduction of GamePass via Project xCloud.

For anyone unfamiliar, Project xCloud is Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, making GamePass games playable on virtually any device.

An awesome concept for sure, and GamePass Ultimate subscribers will be able to test it out starting September 15… provided they have an Android phone or tablet.

That’s right iPhone users. For once, you’re SOL on a cool new service being launched (but it’s generally been the opposite, so this is the revenge of Android).

The service will eventually launch to iOS devices as well, but no date has been announced.

Check out the official trailer below:

Are you excited about the new service? Hesitant about what the rebranding could mean? Let us know in the comments.

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