Super Mario 35

What’s better than playing Super Mario Bros with a friend? Simultaneously competing against 35 frenemies of course!

Super Mario 35 was announced during Nintendo’s 35th anniversary Direct on September 8th, and is just one of the many surprises Nintendo announced for Mario fans in celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary.

Super Mario 35 is a battle-royale version of the original Super Mario Bros for the Switch where up to 35 people simultaneously compete against each other online, until there is only one player remaining.

As players kill enemies and gain achievements, additional enemies and traps are sent to the other players to hinder their progress. Play continues until only one Mario remains.

Super Mario 35 will be free to play for Nintendo Online subscribers starting 10/1/20 and will only be available until 3/31/20.

Check out the official trailer from Nintendo:

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