Play Scoop! (2/9/23)

Playing the games from Game Scoop!

Game Scoop! is one of my all-time favorite podcasts.

Show host, Daemon Hatfield, along with regulars Justin Davis and Sam Claiborn, plus regular guests, discuss the hottest video game news, play 20 questions, and occasionally read through highlights from old game magazines or make fun of the latest shovelware games posted on the Nintendo Switch eShop (which Daemon has dubbed, “The Nintendo Seal of Quantity. Proving that there is no quality control and virtually anything can end up on the Nintendo eShop.”)

– Gamatroid

Game Scoop! Episode 708

For this week’s edition of Play Scoop! we are (once again) going to focus on the Nintendo Seal of Quantity segment of episode 708, since the games sounded so bad they might actually be good.

Let’s check them out!

Anime Girls Camping Trip

Oh boy. This game is bad. Like really bad. Like is it even a game? At least now I know what “prove to be the memory of the group” means, and it really sucks.

The game asks you questions, like “Who is in charge of the group?” and “Where are you going?” and then you press either Y, X, B or A to answer. The game asks you the same questions over and over, and then peppers in new questions, but the timer is pretty short and it mixes up which answers are assigned to which buttons.

Sounds simple enough. But… there is a timer. A DAMN TIMER!!!! And that is where the challenge is.

Can’t answer in time? GAME OVER.

Accidentally press the wrong button? GAME OVER.

Don’t answer the question the same way each time? GAME OVER.

My gameplay clip above is admittedly short, but it felt like forever. This game is awful.

Don’t even get is as a joke.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

The day of camping with friends has arrived, prove to be the memory of the group! It’s up to you to prove that you know all the rules of camping. Answer the questions quickly.

Camping with girlfriends is one of the most exciting experiences in adolescence. Prove that you know all the rules of camping perfectly Don’t make a mistake! If you fail they will know and you won’t prove your memory.


– As you advance the questions start to get more complicated.
– More than 20 different questions.
– Different endings depending on how many questions you answer.
– Open chests to unlock images.
– Unveil the secret question that the girls will ask you in question 150.

Remember not to lie! Prove your camping experience

Air Jet Fighter Combat – Europe Fly Plane Attack

As you might imagine from the game’s cover photo, this is an air combat game. You start with modern-era fighters and are asked to take out ships in the water and other planes in dogfighting style combat. In my gameplay video embedded above you can watch the entire “Pacific” campaign and the beginning of the “WWII” campaign. In the Pacific campaign you fly modern jets that fire heat seeking missiles, that look somewhat similar to a game like Afterburner, and in the WWII campaign you fly a P-51 Mustang-style plane that fires machine guns.

The character models of the planes and ships actually don’t look bad and the cool jet thrust glow reminds me of what a remade afterburner could look like. However the “explosions” look pathetic. While this game has a lot of issues, the main issue is the gameplay, or more specifically, the lack of gameplay.

The Pacific campaign only has 8 stages, all of which are over water, and you only have to shoot down a few planes or boats in each stage. I never died or even got hit in any meaningful way. The only time I did “die” is when I couldn’t shoot down the final enemy plane and ran out of time.

I only played two stages from the WWII campaign, and those were both over water as well. I liked the switch from missiles to machine guns for the P-F1 fighter, but the combat is still very uninspiring.

There is also an “Avatar Flight” campaign, but I never got far enough to unlock it.

Sadly there isn’t enough game here to even buy as a joke.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Our team has tried to develop the deadliest weapon. And we realized that there is nothing more deadly than the fastest fighter under the control of an experienced pilot. 

Become a real pilot and show what you are capable of. A bunch of opponents are not afraid of you if you are on a new high-speed fighter. Many missions with a theme (Shoot or be shot down) will keep you on your toes. Realistic graphics, excellent planes, maneuvering like real ones, turn the game into a real battle for survival. Become one of the pilots and soar in the air with full 360-degree freedom of movement. With knocking down your enemies you will experience all the thrill of the game. A variety of missions will give you the opportunity to fly models from the Second World War. Realistic overheating physics, honest breakdowns will complicate your missions. Welcome to Air Fighter Air Attack.

– Realistic graphics
– Realistic physics
– Stunning 3D models
– Photorealistic skybox
– Different type missions
– Easy and smooth controls

By the way, if you want to check out that Afterburner game that Sam mentioned, there’s a few playthrough videos on YouTube, like the one below:

The game actually looks awesome but unfortunately it was a digital only game on both PS3 and X360, and according to Google it was delisted sometime in 2014.

Animal Super Craft – Maker Word Simulator Deluxe Game 2023

When you download Animal Super Craft – Maker World Simulator Deluxe Game 2023 you find out it’s actually called Luberman and The Legend of Animals Warriors Platformer Game 2022. That is your first clue (besides the horrible name and budget price point) of the gaming “experience” that’s about to follow. Luberman is a side scrolling platformer. The only animals present are the ones trying to murderize you, and from what I could tell they weren’t crafting anything except your demise.

I think this game legitimately tried to kill me. It’s a miracle I didn’t have a heart attack during my gamer rage at the broken enemy and level design, not to mention the shabby controls. I didn’t end up editing out all of my deaths, but I did edit out some of them, since no one would want to watch me die 1,000 times, at least without seeing the look on my face while doing it.

This game is poorly designed, if you can call it that, and it is obviously meant to be difficult. At least when well made games are sadistic, like Super Meat Boy, you have a chance at survival. With this pile of flaming garbage, you have tons of instant deaths, AND really crappy controls and level design.

If it weren’t for unlimited lives and frequent checkpoints, I don’t think I would have even made it through the first level.

I wholeheartedly recommend you NOT get or even try this game.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Animal Super Craft is a 2.5D platform game where you take the role of a woodcutter in the forest, where you fights various animals in three different locations.

Animal Super Craft Maker Word Simulator Deluxe Game 2023 is a 2.5D platform game about the life of a woodcutter and wild animals.
Would you like to experience your endurance capabilities in various extreme situations? If yes,then Animal Super Craft Maker Word Simulator is the ideal game because that’s a resource-management strategy game about survival and consequences.
We play as a lumberjack who went to the forest. Along the way, he meets animals with different types of weapons and equipment. Each animal has its own behavior and characteristics. Actions take place in 3 locations.
Forest (there is a forest itself, a mountainous area and a cave), inside a tree and the final level is an animal castle.
At the end of each location there is a boss. At the end of the game, he returns to his home.
The game itself is a 2.5D platformer.
From the mechanic:
-Jump (+double jump)
– Beat with an ax
– Snatch
-Change of gravity

Chain Car Stunt Simulator – 3D Extreme Highway Car Driving Games

The premise of Chain Car Stunt Simulator: 3D Extreme Highway Car Driving Games (which at least has the same name in the game as in the eShop) is you have to drive side by side with a computer-controlled vehicle and make sure the chain connecting the two cars doesn’t break before you get to the finish line.

You start out being able to select any of the available vehicles for the computer to control, including several different sports cars, a Hummer and a Semi cab, but you have to unlock the additional cars to control yourself.

While the game itself is short, it isn’t as terrible as some games in this week’s Nintendo Seal of Quantity.

At least it was playable.

Check out my gameplay video above to see it in action.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

This is the latest gaming attraction with all new car racing mania adventure in town. So be prepared to break the chain, as it is a real challenge and test of your core driving skills.

Do you like chained car games where you have to drive them on tricky tracks?
If yes, then welcome to the new Chain Car Stunt Simulator 3D. The main idea of the game is to drive and race the car against the chained car with a breakable chain. A real challenge here is that you have to follow the chained car without breaking the chain to the finish line. It is an action packed and thrilling game with multiple car stunts. Two cars are chained together and you have to drive without letting the chain break.

Several modes, locations and cars are available in the game that diversify the atmosphere during its use. So get into the driving seat of thrilling chained cars to enjoy endless chain break adventure on real highway impossible tracks. Accept the impossible challenge of driving luxury sports cars and trucks in this impossible chained cars game and win races against racing rivals. And be the ultimate breaker of the chains master of Chain Car Stunt Simulator 3D.

Tales of Shinobi Fantasy Magic Anime World Fight RPG Simulator

Tales of Shinobi is a 3D action game that takes place in a world that is oddly reminiscent of Zelda Breath of the Wild (at least that’s what it reminded me of). You control a nameless Ninja as he seeks to defeat evil and destroy the evil creatures which have invaded the land. There is a surprisingly large and detailed 3D area to explore and you unlock different abilities as you defeat enemies and level up.

Tales of Shinobi gives me strong vibes of an ambitious but ultimately unfinished student project. It has a decent foundation, and most of the world actually looks pretty good, but the combat is very uninspired, the controls are super floaty and the world seems very empty.

While it seems like there could have been an actual game here with a lot more development, what is here can barely be called a game.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Tales of Shinobi is a single-player adventure game where you get to play as a powerful Shinobi who must save the world from evil!

As a powerful Shinobi, you must use your abilities and knowledge wisely to defeat the dark majestic creatures which have arrived from the Dark Dimension to invade your lands. Open the portal to get to the monsters’ land and defeat every one of them!

The Dark Land is full of creatures with unbelievable powers, so you have to use and develop your abilities. Fight your way through hordes of monsters, while also receiving rewards for eliminating them. Unlock new powerful abilities by advancing the game, which will give you many different advantages. Level up your character and improve your stats! Explore a beautiful open-world map, with cartoon stylised graphics and visuals.

Game Features:
– Level up your character and improve your stats
– Unlock new abilities and talents
– Stylised graphics
– Explore an open-world map
– Satisfying action combat
Are you ready to get on an adventure?

Thanks for Checking Out Play Scoop!

Thanks for hanging out and checking out some of the wonderfully terrible games featured on Game Scoop! I’m always curious to play the different shovelware games featured in their episodes, so I’ll make sure to keep sharing my experiences with you all.

If you don’t already listen to Game Scoop regularly, I highly suggest you check it out. It’s one of the best gaming podcasts I’ve come across and not nearly as “corporate sounding” as some of IGN’s other podcasts.

Until next time, happy gaming!

– Gamatroid

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