Play Scoop! Episode 1 (2/13/23)

Playing the games from Game Scoop Episode 709!

Game Scoop! is one of my all-time favorite podcasts.

Show host, Daemon Hatfield, along with regulars Justin Davis and Sam Claiborn, and regular guests, discuss the hottest video game news, play 20 questions, and occasionally read through highlights from old game magazines or make fun of the latest shovelware games posted on the Nintendo Switch eShop (which Daemon has dubbed, “The Nintendo Seal of Quantity”), proving that anything goes and there is virtually no quality control.

– Gamatroid

For this week’s edition I recorded my first ever YouTube episode of Play Scoop!, which I plan to do more of in the future, and showcase gameplay and my first impressions of each game.

In the video I also include highlights from Game Scoop! Episode 709 for reference, especially the Nintendo Seal of Quantity segment, which features the games I’m playing.

Play Scoop! Episode 1

If you want to see the games played this week or jump straight to the part of the video where I play a specific game, keep reading below:

Beat Them Up – Box Simulator – Boxing Battle Fight Combat for Nintendo Switch Ultimate 2023

Beat Them Up is a 2D side scrolling brawler, in the style of Final Fight or Streets of Rage, although it is far from being anywhere near the quality of those iconic games.

When I bought this game it cost $4.99.

From the section of the game I played, your character is able to punch and kick, as well as block and run. You break crates and other objects to reveal health items and weapons, such as baseball bats and handguns. Each level seems to end with a boss fight, although in the video, I never made it past the first boss fight.

Honestly, this is far from the worst “Nintendo Seal of Quantity” game I’ve played.

While I can’t say it’s worth its $4.99 price tag, at least the game is playable, controls well enough, and is some kind of fun.

I edited out some of the gameplay from my video to shorten it a bit, but I played through the first level three times, and the boss killed me each time.

When I played the game again after the video was finished, I did manage to beat the boss using the handgun and saving all of the bullets for the boss. That seemed to do the trick.

Don’t pick this up unless you have a morbid curiosity, but at least it is somewhat playable and enjoyable, unlike other games I played this week.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Beat Them Up is a 2D game on levels, where the main type of fight is boxing.

The whole game is designed for you to train your fighting skills as you will have to fight against the city gangsters by applying your boxing skills.

Beat Them Up is a type of video game in which the player character fights against a large number of enemies in a side-scrolling. These games typically involve simple controls and gameplay, with the player character able to move left and right and attack with punches, kicks, or special moves.

Beat Them Up’s often feature large numbers of enemies that appear on screen at once, and the player must defeat them all in order to progress to the next level.

These games often feature boss battles against larger, more powerful enemies and may also stages that the player must complete.

The amazing classical hard fighter and action game.

– Realistic street fighting sound.
– A multitude of different locations in the city.
– Multiple levels and scenarios in this adventure games.
– More and more difficult levels, to have higher performances.
– Experience street fighting in a relaxing action game.

Daemon and the Omega Cops thought the description from the game was taken straight from Wikipedia, and while that may not be entirely true, it certainly does seem to be based heavily on the entry for Beat Em Ups

Box Roulette Simulator- Boxing Battle Fight Combat for Nintendo Switch

Box Roulette Simulator seems like a straight-to-Switch mobile game port. It is a touch screen-only game (as you can see in my gameplay video), therefore you can’t play it in docked mode.

When I bought this game it cost $2.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

The game itself is rather simple. You choose from either an Easy, Normal or Hard spin (all seemed the same to me) then a roulette-type wheel spins, and if it lands on a boxing glove your character gets punched in the face and loses the round. If you survive and don’t get hit, but one of the other characters you are playing against gets hit, then they lose and you win.

I haven’t played a game that was touchscreen only on the Switch, until now.

As you can see in the video, I was honestly not expecting to have to undock my Switch and play in handheld mode, and then I had to hold the Switch up to the camera so you could see some of the “game” in action.

Even though this game was the cheapest of the games I played this week, it still isn’t worth the money.

You can get WAY better games on the eShop for $2.99, and this game isn’t worth playing at all, even if you like playing “bad” games. There isn’t enough game here to even bother. Go play that clown shooting gallery game instead if you want something bad but still playable.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

If you looking for most exciting game and you’re ready to risk, Box Roulette is the exactly for your.One boxing punch and you lost it all!

If you don’t like to play it on the safe side and you’re ready to risk, Box Roulette is the exact game you’re looking for. We’re giving you the chance to play one of the most extreme games in human history. One boxing punch and you lost it all!

Here is how it works: as this game is really exciting and the consequences of it are unpredictable ,we placed a box in the middle of a spinning roulette and you cant know if that box will open exactly on your turn and if it will punch you with the whole strength. If it strikes you-you lost.

Try to win and open new levels in order to play with more rivals. Play, and risk it all.

Kart Crazy Race Simulator Game

Kart Crazy Race is a very basic kart-based racer. Unlike some other “kart” games, like Mario Kart, there are no crazy power ups or fantastical characters in this Crazy Race.

When I bought this game it cost $4.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

You can choose from different tracks and number of laps, and you can earn money to buy different Karts with interesting names, but largely a primary color palette swap and slightly different stats.

The only crazy thing about Kart Crazy Race is that I actually paid $5 for it. The game itself is rather too boring, basic and mundane to be of any real fun.

The best thing about the game is the music that plays in the background during the menu and races. It’s the bad, cheesy fun I was hoping for, and it’s surprisingly great (in a bad cringey way). Too bad the rest of the game isn’t like that.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Fast and dynamic kart races, if you are craving it and looking for it, Kart Crazy Race Simulator will not make you bored.

Choose the map that suits you, set the game difficulty that is convenient for you and earn money to buy new karts that differ not only in design but also in power.

– Variety of karts
– Variety of maps
– Different difficulty levels of opponents
– Convenient and dynamic control
– Various customization of races
– Kart shop
– Realistic graphics and sounds
– Defeat all opponents, improve your kart driving skills and beat your records by buying powerful karts.

Shark Attack: Fish Predator Ocean Sea Adventure Survival

Shark Attack is a free roaming 3D game where you play as a shark (big surprise) and swim around the ocean looking for fish to eat and avoiding running into explosive devices and deadly creatures.

When I bought this game it cost $4.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

You can use money you earn in the game to purchase different, more powerful sharks, up to the mac daddy shark: The Great White!

Even better you can gnaw things. What more could you want?

This game might be the best of the bunch this week.

Beat Them Up has more action but there is likely less replayability and it’s easy to die.

In Shark Attack, the graphics aren’t great but they aren’t totally awful and it is rather peaceful to swim around the ocean trying to eat the other fish. I actually spent way longer playing this than I planned to, partially because I kept seeing things I wanted to explore or a school of fish would swim by that I wanted to gnaw the crap out of.

Not award winning mind you, but for a Nintendo Seal of Quantity game, you could do much worse.

This doesn’t mean I’m recommending you pick it up yourself, though. Don’t do it.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Who is the king of the underwater world? What animal is as old as the world? Many people don’t even know what it looks like – of course it’s a Shark!

With our game Shark Attack: Fish Predator you can feel like a shark. Explore the life of sharks in their natural habitat! Freedom of action: gnaw, break, scare, no one will defeat you. Numerous selection of sharks will allow you to choose your favorite species. A variety of terrain with many interesting locations will not leave you indifferent. Realistic graphics with convenient controls will make you a real predator.

– High quality 3D graphics
– Different types of sharks
– Beautiful underwater world
– Various interesting locations
– Realistic shark models with amazing animations
– Smooth and easy controls

Thanks for Checking Out Play Scoop!

Thanks for hanging out and checking out some of the wonderfully terrible games featured on Game Scoop! I’m always curious to play the different shovelware games featured in their episodes, so I’ll make sure to keep sharing my experiences with you all.

If you don’t already listen to Game Scoop regularly, I highly suggest you check it out. It’s one of the best gaming podcasts I’ve come across and not nearly as “corporate sounding” as some of IGN’s other podcasts.

Until next time, happy gaming!

– Gamatroid

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