Sengoku 2 Neo Geo iOS Review

Sengoku 2 ACA NEOGEO

MSRP: $3.99Category: Action – Neo Geo Arcade Port
Age: 12+ years oldSize: 168.7 MB
Developer: SNK CorporationReviewed on: iPhone 14 Pro (iOS 16.2)

Released Jan 17, 2023

Description from App Store

SENGOKU 2 is a side scrolling action game released by SNK in 1993. Take on the role of a warrior summoned by a shrine princess, and fight over various historical periods in order to defeat the dark monarch. Players can enjoy new tactical features such as charge attacks and defensive abilities.

Recommended OS: iOS 13 and above



SENGOKU 2 is a port of a Neo Geo game from the 90s, however it is not one of the best looking Neo Geo games. While this port is very accurate, and it still looks good for a retro game, there are certainly better looking games in the Neo Geo library.


Neo Geo games had a lot more memory than other 16-bit games from the 90s, which sometimes translated into higher fidelity sound, but you wouldn’t know it from this game. While the sound isn’t bad, it’s standard fighting game sound effects, with a forgettable soundtrack.


There is nothing wrong with the controls or gameplay in this port, and the touchscreen controls work surprisingly well, but given other side-scrolling fighters like Sega’s Streets of Rage 2 integrated much deeper combat systems than this game has, the end result is fine but just okay.


Setting aside minor complaints with the graphic and sound fidelity of this specific Neo Geo title, this game is still a lot of fun. 90’s era beat em ups are a special breed of game, and this game fits that genre very well. If you are a fan of older games like Final Fight or Streets of Rage, you’ll likely have a lot of fun with this.


SENGOKU 2 might not be one of the best games the Neo Geo had to offer, however this port is very accurate, the touchscreen controls work well, and overall it’s still a lot of fun to play.

For $3.99, if you enjoy old 90’s beat em ups like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, and you’ve been itching to play one on the go, you should definitely give this a try.


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