Play Scoop! Episode 2

Playing the games ON Game Scoop!

Game Scoop! is one of my all-time favorite podcasts.

Show host, Daemon Hatfield, along with regulars Justin Davis and Sam Claiborn, and regular guests, discuss the hottest video game news, play 20 questions, and occasionally read through highlights from old game magazines or make fun of the latest shovelware games posted on the Nintendo Switch eShop (which Daemon has dubbed, “The Nintendo Seal of Quantity”), proving that anything goes and there is virtually no quality control.

– Gamatroid

This week I recorded my second YouTube episode of Play Scoop!, which features longer gameplay clips than the first episode, and more succinct clips from the Nintendo Seal of Quantity segment of Game Scoop! Episode 710. I do suggest, however, that you watch the entire episode of Game Scoop!, as it’s a great show and their comments about these games are really funny.

Play Scoop! Episode 2

Below you can browse the list of games played this week, read additional commentary, or jump straight to the part of the video where I play a specific game:

Deep Space:Action Fire Sci-Fi Game 2023 Shooter Strike Simulator Alien Death Ultimate Games

Deep Space is a first person adventure / shooter game that has more in common with walking simulators than a game like Doom or Dead Space. While there is combat, the controls are awkward and it doesn’t work very well.

When I bought this game it cost $4.99.

At the beginning of the game I honestly thought it was going to be better than it turned out to be. The first sections of the game are not great, but kept me playing for a while.

The overall graphics and exploration mechanics aren’t great, but also aren’t terrible, even though there isn’t a lot to actually explore or find, but the combat is so bad that I kept dying as a result and didn’t want to play any further.

This game isn’t worth anywhere near $5, but even if it were on sale I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

It’s B A D. (and I’m not talking Michael Jackson’s Bad.)

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Deep Space is a scary survival game. The action takes place on a spaceship and you are the main character, who has to go through several obstacles to survive.

Deep Space is a highly interactive game with stunningly realistic graphics, an eerie atmosphere created by sound and gameplay. Players navigate through level-based sections of the spaceship, completing missions and fighting monsters.

The game starts when the protagonist wakes up in a sarcophagus and tries to understand what happened.

The fight for survival becomes intense right from the first level, the protagonist not understanding what happened at the bow of the ship. During his exploration, he is in search of ammunition, health reserves and nodes which are used both to unlock special doors and to upgrade weapons and suit.

He begins to explore the space of the ship he is in and to look for ways out of the situation.

During his exploration, he meets a multitude of monsters in the rooms that he must defeat in order to open the next one. He also meets the main monster, which is the most difficult to defeat.

And the third part of the game is the escape from the damaged ship by means of a smaller ship.

But not everything is as easy as it seems, as the protagonist is prevented by something from doing this.

And you can find out the end of the tense story only by trying the game.

Falling Elevator – Hyper Casual Demolish Escape Survival Game

Falling Elevator is a rather straightforward game where you control the brakes for the falling elevator and need to navigate it through various geometric dangers until it safely reaches the bottom. However, when braking the elevator continues to slowly slide downwards, like the brakes are barely enough to stop it, so if you brake too close to one of the obstacles you could still slide into it and explode into a fiery death cage.

Luckily this game only costs $1.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

Just in case you ever find yourself in a falling elevator IRL, here are some tips to survive from

Unfortunately they didn’t include any tips to survive playing this game.

Sadly I’ve paid a lot more money for a lot less enjoyable games (including Deep Space from this week’s episode).

There isn’t anything complex about Falling Elevator, but since the game itself is not finely crafted, some of the obstacles you have to avoid get pretty difficult to avoid from a timing perspective.

If I had played this game first I may not have enjoyed it as much, but after playing Deep Space, this game was like a breath of fresh air.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Experience the adrenaline rush of falling elevator in this heart-pounding game.Can you survive the drop?

Welcome in Falling Elevator which is a casual unique game. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? Well, if no, be ready for what’s worse. Besides the fact you’re stuck there with a few people, THE ESCALATOR IS FALLING !!!

Falling Elevator is an exciting new game that will test your reflexes and nerves as you attempt to survive the plummeting elevator. The objective of the game is to safely bring the elevator down to the ground floor, but it won’t be easy.

With unlimited attempts, you’ll have to strategize and use quick thinking to overcome each level. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases and the stakes get higher. So, your mission is to save yourself and others and for this you need to get down safely the elevator.

Can you handle the pressure and escape the falling elevator?

Game Features:
– 50 levels to play;
– Unforeseen situations with obstacles and random difficulties as you progress through the levels;
– Unlimited attempts to get the escalator safely down.

Sniper Strike 3D – Secret elite mission warfare “GHOST SQUAD”

Last, but honestly not least, is Sniper Strike 3D, and it is the best of the bunch this week. Not that you should rush out to the eShop to pick it up. Check out some of my gameplay before you even consider giving it a try.

When I bought this game it cost $4.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

The game has multiple modes: Sniper, Blackops, Assault and Pistols, with Sniper being the primary mode.

Each level is a different scenario where you must complete a task involving assassinating someone with a sniper rifle (let’s just pretend they’re all bad people; or not), and when you fire the final kill shot of a particular level, the game zooms into the bullet in slow motion and shows you the kill in greater detail (although there isn’t a ton of detail period).

As modern-day sniper games go, this one is pretty light on violence, since there is minimal blood and no dismemberment (it’s a real shame). Think of it like Baby’s First Sniper Assassination Game (on second thought, maybe that’s a bad idea).

To be fair, almost anything is better than Deep Space, so when I got to this game I was pleasantly surprised to find an enjoyable enough game that I actually had some fun playing. However, if I had not been playing even worse games beforehand, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much.

The slow motion “bullet time” kills are funny and enjoyable, and if you happened to pick this up you will probably have fun for a few minutes, but you’re better off waiting for a sale on a real Sniper game that typically sells for a lot more money.

Check out the Nintendo eShop description:

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a fast-paced first-person shooter?

Sniper Strike 3D is an amazing story game where you have to fight against a lot of villains, save innocent people and bring justice. Various types of weapons will help you hone your skills with pleasure, completing many interesting missions. Be careful, because the opponents will also have their own snipers who will not give you a chance to win. Therefore, our game is one of the best.

– Beautiful 3D graphics
– Interesting story campaign
– Variety of weapons
– Smooth controls
– Rescue hostages and become the best army sniper

Thanks for Checking Out Play Scoop!

Thanks for hanging out and checking out some of the wonderfully terrible games featured on Game Scoop! I’m always curious to play the different shovelware games featured in their episodes, so I’ll make sure to keep sharing my experiences with you all.

If you don’t already listen to Game Scoop regularly, I highly suggest you check it out. It’s one of the best gaming podcasts I’ve come across and not nearly as “corporate sounding” as some of IGN’s other podcasts.

Until next time, happy gaming!

– Gamatroid

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