Classic 3DS Games to Get Before the eShop Closes

The Nintendo 3DS / 2DS was the last dedicated handheld console from Nintendo and while it is primarily known for its stereoscopic 3D visuals, it is also home to some absolutely great games, both new and classic. Unfortunately after March 27th of this year, the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS will be closed for good, preventing any further new purchases of its digital-only games.

While there are great modern games for the 3DS, many of them are also available in physical cartridge format, but there were also a lot of great classic games ported to the 3DS, and some of them are not readily available today in other formats, either because they are simply rare or because the physical version is expensive to acquire second hand.

You still have a little time before that happens, but with hundreds if not thousands of games on the eShop, you can’t possibly get them all before the eShop closes, so which ones should you prioritize? Well, I had the exact same dilemma, so I researched some of the eShop exclusives and other worthwhile games to get, and compiled my favorite findings here to aid you (and me) in deciding what you might want to pick up before the eShop closes.

Just keep in mind that these are just my opinion, and all of the links provided are solely for your convenience. I don’t receive any money from purchases made. Just wanted to share for our collective benefit.

Happy Hunting!

Dark Void

DSiWare 2010



DSiWare 2010


Soul of Darkness

DSiWare 2010


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