NEWS: MK1 Kombat Pack Fighters Leaked!

Less than 24 hours after the announcement trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat 1 reboot dropped, there was an unintentional leak of the fighters (kombatants?) planned for the Kombat Pack, which is a pack-in with the Premium and Kollector’s Edition versions of the game.

Apparently, Amazon Italy got a little over enthusiastic and posted text for the game’s listing, revealing the fighters contained within the Kombat Pack, and it didn’t take but a second for the internet to notice and spread the word.

Since news of the leak hit social media, neither Warner Bros nor the developer have confirmed the information, so it’s entirely possible it could change prior to release, but here are the characters mentioned in the Amazon Italy posting:

While it’s great to see returning favorites Quan Chi, Takeda and Ermac, I’m personally the most excited by the addition of Homelander from The Boys, and also very hyped to see both Peacemaker and Omni Man join the roster.

The fatalities are going to be epic.

If you haven’t preordered yet, the links are now live. You can see all the various options on the official Mortal Kombat website.

Stay tuned to the Kombat Zone for ongoing updates on all things Mortal Kombat.

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