Celebrating Black Game Creators

The Black gamer community is robust and growing, but unfortunately Black game creators continue to be underrepresented in the industry. A 2016 report by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) found that only 3% of people working in games in the U.S. are Black, compared with 13% of the nation’s population as a whole.

This underrepresentation of Black developers in the industry limits the diversity of experience represented in games and has likely contributed to some of the continued racial bias observed in both gaming and society.

In support of Black game creators we wanted to highlight some of their recent creations and contributions to gaming so you can be more aware of the great things coming from this community.


Brothers Khalil and Ahmed Abdullah founded independent game studio Decoy Games. Together, they created Swimsanity! — a multiplayer underwater shooter game.

The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime this summer.

Trailer below:

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Treachery in Beatdown City

If you’re a fan of fighting games and bringing a little bit of comedy into the experience, you’re going to love Treachery In Beatdown City.

Developed by independent games and culture studio, Nuchallenger, the game’s plot centers around saving President Blake Orama from the Ninja Dragon Terrorists he’s been kidnapped by.

Trailer below:

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Jesse Williams’ BLeBRiTY tests players on their knowledge of Black culture in a charade inspired game. The game boasts over 25 genres, including “HBCUs,” “Momma Phrases,” and more.

In an article in Vibe, creator Jessie Williams “We decided to stop waiting and start building. By creating the experiences we like, we’ve tapped into our own cultural zeitgeist, which is so often the source material for pop culture at large,” Williams said, according to Vibe. “BLeBRiTY is an uproariously funny, creative event where everyone can play, learn and laugh their a**es off! We don’t wait to be included anymore, we build and include ourselves.”

Check out a video of creator Jesse Williams playing BLeBRiTY below:

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Super Space Club

In Super Space Club, journey alongside a group of anthropomorphic heroes as they set out to be the top-ranked defenders of the galaxy. You’ll take on various missions, partake in several space dogfights, and jam out to lo-fi beats in this chill, arcade-style shooter.

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Never Yield

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is a 3D side-scroller that plays much like a classic endless runner, with an interesting story and a conclusion. The player is always in motion. Run, Jump, Slide or if you choose to speed run the game, Dash for acrobatic variants to avoid the challenges that await. Players take the role of Wallace. A mysterious African American kid out to recover some of his past and expose the truth. Hopefully he’s fast enough to out run his fate long enough to change things.

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Art Club Challenge

Solve challenges by making abstract art while unleashing your creativity. Playing as an art student striving to prove yourself, progress through the game’s narrative as you complete challenges. Push the boundaries of your artistic abilities, while tasked with creating familiar objects utilizing only a small color palate and limited shapes. Share your masterpieces with your friends through the online gallery and explore how others completed the same challenges while creating their own unique and personalized works of art.

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Breeze in the Clouds

Breeze in the Clouds is a 2D single-player action/adventure game for featuring a corgi named Breeze who gets swept away from his home and into the weather world of Tropolis! Explore different areas, combat baddies, problem solve, gain weather powers, and become friends with weather phenomena along the way.

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Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe

Welcome to Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe—a game about meeting and befriending a cast of strange, silly, magical little birds. Set up and customize your garden space; the Tiny Birds will come and go as they please, as long as you’ve left out toys and seed for them to enjoy—even when you aren’t there.

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She Dreams Elsewhere

She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal adventure RPG about dreams and the extent to which they mirror reality. You are Thalia Sullivan, a high strung, anxiety-ridden, comatose woman on a journey to defeat the nightmares preventing her awakening all while finding out how exactly this mess happened in the first place. Unfortunately, some nightmares are harder to confront than others.

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Corner Wolves

Corner Wolves is a a a game exploring the personal effects of the U.S. government’s self-proclaimed War on Drugs in ’90s Harlem. It centers on Jacinte, a young Afro-Latina, who embarks on a mission to find her father’s killer. Corner Wolves tells the stories of young people growing up in the hood, and how their lives are shaped and defined by the war on drugs, as they are caught between dope dealers, hustlers, and overzealous police.

Corner Wolves is being developed by Brass Lion Entertainment, which is a studio focused on creating original fictional universes that center on Black, Brown, and other traditionally marginalized characters, cultures, and stories. Brass Lion is a diverse and inclusive environment where creatives of all backgrounds can thrive and bring unique and compelling stories to market – changing the landscape in interactive spaces and beyond.

Read more about Corner Wolves and Brass Lion Entertainment in this Gameinformer article

You can also find out more at Brass Lion’s website

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